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IESO publications provide information and insight into various aspects of Ontario's electricity sector, including 18 month assessments of system adequacy, how businesses can manage their electricity costs, developments in Ontario's electricity market, and more.

To order a hard copy of one of these publications, please email at customer.relations@ieso.ca.

Serving Ontario's Electricity Consumers


Ontario's IESO works to ensure sufficient electricity is available whenever and wherever it's needed. Ensuring there is enough energy to meet demand is an ongoing and highly complex process, requiring the close coordination of all parts of the system.

Learn how the IESO is working to meet the province's energy needs. En français.


18-Month Outlook

cover of 18 month outlook 

The 18-Month Outlook reports on the near-term reliability and operability of Ontario's power system. This quarterly publication assesses the adequacy of available supply and transmission to meet forecasts for Ontario's demand over the upcoming 18-month period. It is used by market participants and industry stakeholders to inform their business decisions and to help plan equipment outages.

Read most recent outlook for period from January 2017 to June 2018.

A Guide for Business

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Understanding how and when your facility uses electricity will help your business manage its energy needs and meets its energy targets. The IESO brochure, The Bottom Line on Energy Management: Making Ontario’s Electricity Market Work for Your Business explains how your company can reduce electricity costs with more efficient energy use. Featured in the brochure are case studies of energy managers who are taking control of their organization’s energy use; an explanation of your electricity bill; how you can generate new revenue through demand response, and more. Download a copy of the report or request a free printed copy from marketing@ieso.ca.

Electricity Market Forum

Electricity Market Forum Report 

Reconnecting Supply and Demand (Report of the Chair of the Electricity Market Forum)
Drawing upon the expertise of members from across the sector, the Electricity Market Forum examines emerging issues that impact market activity and the effectiveness of the price signal. The Forum was created by the IESO to address the future role and development of the IESO-administered markets in light of the ongoing changes in the sector. A series of recommendations for the implementation of market improvements are included in this report.

Wind, Solar And Ontario's Electricity Grid

Wind, Solar and Ontario's Electricity Grid 

In 2012, output from wind generation in Ontario exceeded output from coal generation. To support this growing contribution by wind and other variable generation such as solar power, the IESO has taken steps to efficiently integrate these new forms of supply into the grid. This brochure describes the IESO's Renewable Integration Initiative and its requirements of certain wind and solar operators to register with the IESO.

The Electricity Insider

Cover of Electricity Insider 

The Electricity Insider is a quarterly publication that provides information on pricing, energy management and ways in which business and institutional consumers can take advantage of the wholesale price of electricity.

Read the most recent issue. Read previous issues.

Demand Response

Cover of Demand Response Brochure  

Demand response is a smart approach to managing energy costs. Learn more about the many ways the IESO is expanding the possibilities for demand response in Ontario.

For more information on Demand Response, including links to our Demand Response Working Group, visit our Demand Response page.