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Ontario Planning Outlook

The IESO’s Ontario Planning Outlook (OPO) is a technical report that provides a 10-year review (2005-2015) and a 20-year outlook (2016-2035) for Ontario’s electricity system.

Assessing system requirements associated with capacity, reliability, market and system operations, transmission and distribution, the report concludes that Ontario is well-positioned to meet provincial needs until the mid-2020s, while continuing to adapt to significant change across the sector.

It focuses in the near term on ensuring the completion of initiatives currently underway, including remaining procurements to meet the 2013 Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP) targets, and regional planning activities.

Accelerating change is predicted for the decades ahead, and the report explores the opportunities provided by various technologies and distributed energy resources. Meanwhile, it highlights that ensuring continued reliability will require the consideration of an expanding number of factors, such as:

  • the continued expansion of renewables
  • nuclear refurbishments at Darlington and Bruce
  • growing consumer engagement and behavioural changes
  • continued growth of embedded resources
  • new market mechanisms intended to spur increased competition
  • The Climate Change Action Plan

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Ontario Planning Outlook
 (with Appendices A & B)

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The OPO will serve as an objective baseline for the Ministry of Energy and sector stakeholders in terms of electricity demand and supply outlooks, and will inform the Ministry’s formal consultation process for the development of the LTEP.

Consolidated Figures and Data and Ontario Planning Outlook Modules

Consolidated Figures and Data (Appendix B)

This report includes a series of embedded data tables, figures and charts. The datasets used to develop the report are available in three formats – Adobe PDF, Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel Data File. 

Ontario Planning Outlook Modules

The IESO has also developed a series of seven modules to provide a detailed breakdown of the assumptions, facts and figures underpinning the report. The projections provided in these documents are based on drivers and factors that will develop over time and are best viewed as illustrating potential trends.