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Interact with IESO

Have a question for the IESO about how to participate in the electricity market or a program? Want to make a comment or ask a question? We want to hear from you. Contact us.

Ontario's electricity industry is creating opportunities for participation by many new types of market and program participants, as well as renewable energy developers and contract holders.

Our services include:

  • Helping market participants to connect to the IESO-controlled grid, register a facility, settling transactions within the electricity marketplace and to understand their obligations to comply with Market Rules and reliability standards
  • Funding a range of programs to support Aboriginal communities, municipalities, public sector entities and co-operatives in the design and delivery of renewable energy and conservations initiatives
  • Procuring and managing a diverse portfolio of contracted electricity supply and capacity from renewable energy developers and generation technologies  


Participant Toolbox

Image of computer user looking at IESO website

Public and Market Participant

Access to applications for day-to-day transactions

Online IESO
Registration System Tool, Reliability Compliance Tool 

Energy Market Interface (EMI)
Submit bids, offers and schedules into the IESO energy market

There are a number of ways to interact with the IESO. Find out about the different markets and programs.

Get updates on how the IESO procures and manages a diverse portfolio of contracted electricity supply. 

Learn more about the range of programs that help fund the design and delivery of renewable energy and conservation initiatives.

Anyone planning a new or​​​ modified connection to the IESO-controlled grid must have a Connection Assessment.

Find information related to IESO settlements, including invoicing, Global Adjustment and prudentials.

Learn more about market participant obligations to comply with reliability standards.

The IESO enforces compliance with the Market Rules through its oversight activities.

Read how the IESO consults on, modifies and notifies participants about changes in the Market Rules ​and Manuals.